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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Becks Visit South Mountain Creamery

South Mountain Creamery 1 - What South Mountain Can Offer You!

South Mt Creamery

Children will enjoy:
  • bottle feeding calves
  • petting rabbits
  • laughing at squeeling piglets
  • chasing roosters, ducks, and chickens
  • talking with the actual farmer
  • peeking in on chicks just hatched
  • watching a mother cat teach her kittens
  • observing the milking process
  • eating fresh ice cream
  • playing on a play structure
Adults will enjoy:
  • EVERYTHING that children experience PLUS
  • all activities are open ended
  • no admittance fee to the farm
  • shady spots to sit
  • picnic tables near the play structure
  • hand sanitizer provided

  •  there are NO public bathrooms, however an "outhouse" type experience is offered  :)
  • This is a real working farm. It smells like a may wish to borrow a closepin from the laundry line!