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Monday, February 18, 2013

30 Aprons Tutorial

I'm sure you have heard of "No Bake Cookies"

This is the seamstress' version called "No-Sew Aprons"
They are easy enough for kids to make and can be made from recycled materials!

Begin by cutting 30 apron patterns from a queen-sized bed sheet. I used an apron I had on hand and simply traced 30 of them using chalk onto an old bed sheet (washed and iron with HEAVY starch)

 Sew-tape or glue edges to avoid frays.

Fold the apron in half vertically.

Snip slits for apron strings.

Cut apron strings from scrap material. (I had sheet left over and used it for the strings.)

Insert a strip of fabric thhrough the slit and tie a basic knot.

Do this on both sides

Fold the top of the apron and make two additional slits- one at each corner.

Use scrap fabric to make the neck loop ( I used shoelaces)

Why 30 Aprons? Use them in your classroom, for a chef-themed birthday party, sell at church craft fairs, or donate them to a children's art program!