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Friday, April 14, 2017

Animal Photography

Place based education and Montessori go together. In the book "Place Based Education" by David Sobel, there are amazing stories of Montessori schools  (elementary, middle and highschool) who adopt this path when a farm school isn't an option.
After listening to Sobel speak at the NAMTA conference, and observing and networking locally with a large public Montessori Highschool that is "Place based", I found a small oasis. Today my son age 12 and I completed our first class at the local animal shelter. We can now do laundry, file paperwork, help run the store, greet in the lobby and explore other classes and certifications. My son is interested in animal photography now and will persue his next class sponsored by Purina...who knew?! I'm looking into fundraising and or event coordination there (in addition to bottle feeding kittens ♡)
I can't help but imagine the infinite lessons and possibilities.
Place Based Education+Montessori

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