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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why the Change?

In the spirit of my former self, everyday is different. In fact recently I decided to reinvent my brand and personal philosophy to reflect new changes in my life. As a mom and educator, I believe the only true way to connect with our kids is to stay fresh and current, to embrace change and move forward as life presents the opportunity.

Here is what I discovered along my journey:
I am a resourceful mom, who learns a little bit of something from everyone. I am painfully optimistic and proud of my desire to nurture and educate my own child while embracing the community where we reside.
 My current educational philosophy:Place-Based 

PlaceBased philosophy is more than a method of teaching sequentially from birth to age 6, and the research proves it (as we see in new trends where Montessori is turning up in mainstream dementia care). In the field of human development, Place-Based is an anthropological framework for people as individuals and the communities they call home. This is why Montessori is both variable and universal. As people change the community changes. As communities change people change. At the heart of Montessori is an education for a new world.

So without further ado, let's embrace the future of Montessori education. We must be wise, witty and resourceful--or we will never make history!
A Resourceful Mom

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